Play dough testing

Today our reviews on the play dough recipes from yesterday. We tested these play dough’s thoroughly with rolling, pulling, hammering and with Mr N eating {yummy ; ) especially the glitter and lavender one}. It was a tough job, but hey someone has to do the all-important job of finding the finest homemade play dough recipe in the world : )

Play dough testing

Drum Roll…..

King of Play dough’s

Thermomix Play dough

Sorry to all the non Thermomix owners

Best Bits – this play dough is so smooth and beautiful to roll, shape and mould. Not salt feeling on your hands when you play with it.

Not so Best Bits – getting it out of the Thermomix jug as it tends to do a good job of sticking everywhere.

Tip – If you know someone who has a Thermomix, ask them to make you a batch of play dough or even a few batches. As this play dough also last forever out of the fridge wrapped up. Though on saying all that about the Thermomix I am sure there is a smart cookie out there that could do a similar job with a pot and food processor.  If you feel you’re that person I would love to hear your results!

Play dough testing

Runner Up

Pretty Play Dough

Best Bits – This play dough smells very pretty with its lavender scent and when you throw a whole container of glitter {Thanks to Mr N} in it even looks pretty. It also is a great play dough, easy to play with, roll and is super soft. Great idea of using boiling water, instead of having to cook it the boiling water binds into together.

Not so Best Bits – Salt feeling on your hands after playing with it.

Tip – This recipe makes a lot, divide it into smaller lots and bring out when the other is left out and turned into a hard lump.

Middle Runner Up

Classic Play dough

Best Bits – this play dough is soft, smooth and lovely to play with. Easy to make all in one pot with one spoon. It’s a classic, which has provided a lot of joy for a lot of kids that’s got to be a best bit in my books.

Not so best Bits – Gets a little crusty even straight after cooking. Quick knead brings it back together, but leave it alone again and it will crust up again.  

Tip – You have to attempt to make the classic play dough at least once, though keep an eye on it when you’re cooking as it will quickly come together and burn if left unwatched.

Play dough testing

Second Last

No Cook Play Dough

Best Bits – it’s smooth.

Not so Best Bits – this play dough is very wet, even after adding more flour, later on that day it had once again turned to a wet sticky mess.

Tip – spend a little time to test the mix, and find the balance to stop the stickiness.

Last ‘oh so’ very, very last.

Play dough testing

Salt Free Play Dough

Best Bits – ah….it doesn’t need salt.

Not so Best Bits – you need to try to add more something to bring it together. It is tough and breaks apart….it’s just not good : /

Tip – don’t make it.

Want all the play dough recipes and reviews in a printable for your play group or recipe file? Click here : )

Thursday I review how the play dough’s fared in a weeks’ time.

Love, Light and doing the hard jobs