Australia Day Flags

Australia Day is this Saturday the 26th of January. It’s the day us Aussies reflect on how proud we are to live in this wonderful country, full of amazing opportunities, beautiful weather, blue skies, white beaches….and how lucky we are able to have a national chant that is as easy as…‘Aussie, Aussie, Aussie…Oi, Oi, Oi’

I love Australia and today we are making what every Australian needs on Australia Day, a little Australian flag to attach to your mum and dads car, window, shirt, door…put them everywhere, everyone needs to know how proud you are to be Australian : )

You will need

My Australian Flag printable

Red, Blue, Yellow and Green textas, crayons or pencils


2 skewers with the pointy ends cut off.

Stapler/ sticky tape

Step 1. Set up. Print my Australian flag printable.

Step 2. Colour and decorate your flag before cutting.

Step 3. Cut along the dotted lines.

Step 4. Fold over the edge.

Step 5. Put one end of the skewer in the folded piece of paper.

Step 6. Push the skewer right to the fold and staple along the skewer, if it tight in the fold it will stay there. If it’s not just add a bit of tape to keep it in place or just use tape instead of staples!

Wave your flag like a proud Australian, print off more and make one for your family and friends!

{Happy Prepping for Australia Day Imogen’s Angels Friends!}

Love, Light and so happy to call Australia home!

Fiona x