Following on from the Kid’s Holiday craft of finger knitting…

What to do with all this finger knitting?

Here’s a little idea I came with…

You need…
Finger knitting
White craft glue
Plastic bag
Hair clip
Super Glue

Step 1. Cut the wool thread ends off, so all you have is the finger knitting left.
Step 2. Place in the wool glue
Step 3. Emerge the finger knitting in glue.
Step 4. Remove from glue, and drain a little of the glue off. Place on plastic sheet/bag
Step 5. Arrange into a shape.
Step 6. Put out in the warm sun to dry.

Step 7. With an adults help put a little glue {super glue works the best but craft glue that works with metal would also work a treat} in the middle of the flower for the button and a little on the back for the hair clip.
Step 8. Allow to dry and now you have a finger knitted hair clip!

I would love to hear any other ways you plan to or have used your metres and metres of finger knitting. Simply comment below or send me an email to

Love, Light and a little flower to lighten the day.