I loved love finger knitting, it’s simple and all you need is your hands and wool, string, ribbon, well practically anything you can cut into a long piece!

As kids we use to make chains, which ran around the whole house. We use them as mini scarfs for our dolls and escaping ropes for my brother’s super hero figurines.

Warning…finger knitting is highly addictive and finger knitted string has been known to take over many houses!

You will need

Wool, string, ribbon or anything you can cut in a long length,


Hopefully to make it more easier I have made the instructions into photos.

continue again…and again..from step 3, till you have a long long finger knitted string.

To finish off your string of finger knitting.

What to do with all that finger knitting?  Check out Pinterest, you can even advance to four finger – finger knitting!

On Saturday I will be sharing what I did with my finger knitting.

Love, Light and finger knitting love

Fiona x

P.S. Any questions, please post them below : ).