I know there is another name for this paper game, but the only name I could find for them was..

Fortune tellers

This super easy paper craft, tells your fortune! Honest would I lie ; ).

You will need

A paper


A pencil

A ruler


Step 1. Step up ~ Gather your things you need.

Step 2. Using the ruler measure the width of your paper.

Step 3. Measure and mark the same width the long way to form a square measurement. Rule will a pencil.

Step 4. Cut along the ruled line.

Step 5. Fold the cut square evenly in half.

Step 6 . Fold it in evenly half again.

Step 7. Open it up.

Step 8. Fold the corner points into the middle crease.

Step 9. Turn it over.

Step 10. Fold the four corners points into the middle crease again.

Step 11. Label the eight triangles with letters from A – H.

Step 12. Lift flap and write fortunes underneath e.g. you’re going to have a great day! It will rain today, You will be lucky..whatever you like.

Step 13. Pull out the four bottom flaps now you will have four little spots to put your fingers. With your fingers in the bottom flaps push the corners into the middle, this can be a little tricky, but take your time and move each corner in just a little bit at a time.

Step 14. Ask your friend or sibling to choose a number. With your fingers in the bottom tabs, move your fingers in and out the chosen number times. When you are finished your fortune teller will be open showing four letter options. Your friend picks one of the four letters and you lift the flap to reveal their fortune!

Instead of using letters you could use 8 different stickers to pick between. Colour decorate your fortune teller with textas, paint, stickers, glitter…make another and change the fortunes around. Keep it all a mystery!

Love, Light and Seeing the future : P
Fiona x

P.S. Would love to hear what you use to call fortune tellers?