Oh to be a kite, free to fly in the wind, wherever your string may take you.

We decided to try the basics of kite making…and ah…ours never made it off the ground.

On reflection we would suggest that tree twigs are not the best kite structure, perhaps lighter bamboo sticks {which can be purchased from Bunnings, but I forgot to get on my multiply trips there last week}.

Anyway…the fun is in the making, experimenting, perhaps you can make your kite structure with lots of different things, bamboo, tree twigs, plastic sticks and work out what is the best!

The basics below will show you how you can make a kite. Feel free to adapt it however you wish!

Kite Making

You will need

2 pieces of bamboo, twigs or plastic sticks {one shorter than the other}

Plastic, satin, polyester any light material for the kite body.



Sticky tape

Rubber Bands


Step 1. Cut your bamboo to form a cross shape, with one piece shorter than the other.

Step 2. Tie a knot around the middle of sticks, and then wrap the string around the middle of sticks swapping from side to side occasionally. Continue on until the structure is a sturdy cross.

Step 3. Wrap rubber bands around the ends of the cross, to stop the string from slipping.

Step 4. Reef knot the string end to the top of the cross, and then continue along the cross ends reef knotting on each point until you reach the top point again.

Step 5. Put your material under the cross and cut to the size of the cross.

Step 6. Cut the ends off the material points to allow for the cross structure points.

Step 7. Fold over the material edges, and staple to the kite frame.

Step 8. Cut a piece of string and tie one end to the middle frame on one side and the other to the other side.

Step 9. Cut a smaller piece of string and tie one end to the top peak of the cross and the other end to the middle of the middle frame string.

Step 10. Cut a piece of string approx. three – four metres long to be used as launching string which you hold onto. Tie onto where the previous two pieces of string met up.

Step 10. Cut a piece of string 30cms long and tie it to the tail of kite.

Step 11. Out of the pieces of material you cut off in step 5. Cut strips of material to be used as the kits tail ribbon. Tie the strips around the piece of tail string positioning them approximately every 5cms along.

Step 12. Kite a ready, head to the back yard or park and see how you went at making your own kite. Remember to run really fast to launch your kite into the sky.

Enjoyed making the kite and want to make more?

Here’s a few other blogs and websites that may have a little more details then our basics!


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Love, Light and Flying free,

Fiona x