Creating masterpieces with…

Oil Pastels

Using colourful oil pastels {or even crayons} with a black oil pastel layer can create a colourful background blackboard. By using different tools such as pens, tooth picks, sticks you can vary the amount of colours that shine through. A little messy due to the black oil pastel, but a heap of fun!

You will need…

Oil Pastels {or Crayons}

Plenty of black oil pastel


Scratching supplies – tooth picks, twigs, finger nails, pencils etc. {Try a variety and see what one you like best. Warning too much finger nail using can make your mum think you need to have a long shower due to the black oil pastel gunk!}

Step 1. Set up.

Step 2. Draw a pattern or picture with the oil pastels {or crayons}. Try to cover the whole page.

Step 3. Colour the picture with black oil pastel.

Step 4. Scratch into the black oil pastel layer with your scratching supplies.

Step 5. Admire your oily pastel creation.

Only one more School Holiday Craft post and then begins the crafty themed fortnightly blog posts. Up to six posts all focusing on one item, I can’t wait to share my ideas with you!

Love, Light and scratching masterpieces,

Fiona x