A really, really simple, fun craft today, that comes with a free printable {yippee!}

I’m calling them..


These little paper delights twist and turn when you drop them from a height.

You will need



A paper clip



Twister Printable

{absent on the day of photo..Mr Glue and Miss Paperclip}

Step 1. Set up.

Step 2. Colour and decorate your twisters.

Step 3. Cut them out.

Step 4. Add a line of glue along the botton half.

Step 5. Fold along the lines

Step 6. Allow to dry.

Step 7. Fold top strips down to form the wings.

Step 8. Slide on a paper clip to the bottom side.

Step 6. Lifting your hand high then release your twister to twist and turn.

Got buddies or siblings, make a bunch of them, have a race and see which one gets to the floor the fastest. Try making one out of different thickness paper or card and see if that makes them faster or slower. Experiment. Enjoy!

Love, Light and twisting the whole way down!

Fiona x