I have a challenge for you… I have some ‘nature themed’ craft activities ready for you. I need you to go exploring to the park, your yard or if you’re close enough to a bush/forest or any big space where nature happens.


Gather all the below supplies over the weekend and I have 6 ‘nature themed’ craft activities for you over the next fortnight, starting on the blog from Monday!

Are you someone who likes lists and wants a printable version of the two lists, print out the Nature Theme Craft Supply List.

Now pop on your gum boots and winter coats and let’s go adventuring!

6-Nature Blog

What are you looking for?

Nature Supply List

Leafs, any size, colour or type. {I love this time of the year when natures making the most beautiful colours with leaves}


Stones, pebbles,

Nuts, any size, big ones, small ones.

Sticks, any type that take your fancy.



Shells, if you’re close enough to the water or have some from your summer holiday.

Anything else that you find interesting.

Bring home a bucket of nature goodness.

Craft Supply List

Craft glue

Wool {real wool, not the polyester wool used for knitting – available at Spotlight}


Googly Eyes

Liquid soap

Old stocking or mesh bag

Felt scraps

Air dry clay or polymer clay



A large paint tray {an ice cream lid is ideal} or a mini roller.

Paper, large butcher paper and normal A4.

Paint shirt/Apron


A bag of bird seeds

2 egg whites or gelatine

Small terracotta pots or a small yoghurt container.

Glad wrap

Thin wire {Bendable}



I have decided that every fortnight when I begin a new theme I will be giving you the fortnightly craft supply list on the Friday before. I hope this helps you be ready to be creative when the blogs are posted rather than having to make countless shopping journeys for supplies.

Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you back here with your supplies and creative buzz to start nature crafting on Monday!


Love, Light and Connecting with nature,

Fiona x