Last year when I went to the Artful Business Conference, I got to talking with the talented Christine from C Percy Designs. Christine wears an assortment of hats ~ the editor of the  Handmade Cooperative, mum of three and a very talented crochet-er {is that a word?}.

Recently when I was looking through her Madeit shop I couldn’t resist purchasing a few packets of her crochet hearts. At the time I didn’t know what I would do with them. Then a couple of ideas popped in my head…I hope you enjoy the below!

Crochet Heart Accessories1-Photos of Blog and stock

You will need…


A packet or two of C Percy Designs crochet hearts

White craft glue

A disposable tub

A hair pin, a magnet, an office clip..whatever you want to add a little cute love too.

Step 1. Set up. Put down a paint mat to rest the wet glue heart on.

Step 2. Pour a little white glue into the tub.

2-Photos of Blog and stock-002

{ aw how sad does that sound, a harden heart : ( }

Step 3. Add the heart and cover with glue.

Step 4. Remove the heart and wipe of some of the glue.

Step 5. Put on the mat and wait for it to dry. Pop it in the sun to dry it faster.

Step 6. Remove and using clear craft glue {or super glue applied by an adult} add the hair pin, magnet or office clip.

Step 7. Allow to dry.

3-Photos of Blog and stock-001

Wear your sweet hair clip, add your magnet to the fridge or attach those important documents together with a little love.

Tomorrow I have another activity including C Percy Designs sweet crochet hearts, be sure to check in then!

Love, light and keeping it cute

Fiona x