Do you like keeping it real and easy? I do and sometimes I actually have to do housework {I know shock horror!} or make a phone call to an adult person that doesn’t seem to understand why I start telling them ‘no they can’t change the DVD to Ben 10 right now or have a packet of lollies at 8am in the morning’ halfway into a seemingly normal conversation.

Well have I got something for you!…I love printables and now I have Adobe Illustrator kind of worked out. I want to share my printable love and buy you some phone, coffee, housework time without the tribe following you. Now no promises it will depend on their age and interest in the printable I have created, but by the end of year if you keep coming back you should have a stack of printables. You could then print out and have ready for those times when you feel like you’re going a little house bound crazy.

Today’s printable is a reflection on the bird bell sad tale from my last post.

Little Birdie and Family

Little Birdie Printable

Make your own little birdies and house, simple – colour, cut, fold, staple/ glue/ tape….EASY! and I’m guessing it would at least give you five minutes of glorious ‘gosh I love them’ bliss.

Here’s Mr A’s version –

Little Birdie Printable

What do you think? Are you keen?

Would love to a comment or two!

Light, Love and Printable Bliss

Fiona x