A simple yoghurt tub activity today..

Not crafting, but I guess sometimes it’s ok to stop the crafting for a little while and be all educational ; )


Sorting Tubs

You will need


Colours – 8 yoghurt tubs

Numbers – 10 yoghurt tubs

{or if you only have 10 tubs make one side numbers and the other colours}

Paper and printer for my printable

Colour pom poms, counters, beads, cut up pipe cleaners or anything that you have in different colours {keep an eye on this activity with kids under three, in case they think your sorting supplies are better for eating then sorting ; ) }


Step 1. Print out the printable.

Step 2. Cut out.


Step 3. Glue onto yoghurt container.


Step 4. Sit with your little one and show them how to sort. Then sit back and let them be in control of their own sorting.


More yoghurt craft in the next few days, the next one is super cool with his crazy hair.

Love, Light and sorting out what goes where,

Fiona x