After a short break for the days of love and the sweetest of crocheted hearts, I am back on board with my yoghurt tub craft..



Charlie Chicken

First up just a small disclaimer ‘I am not responsible for any excessive noise for hours on end that Charlie makes in the hands of an excited child’

On saying that Charlie is super easy and even educational he helps kids understand echo’s and noise {I found a utube video that backs this up, so has to be true!}

Oh and I didn’t mention he is very cute too…

You will need


A yoghurt tub

Yellow paper

A small piece of orange felt or an orange texta

A piece of cotton string

A sponge

2 googly eyes or black texta

A ruler

A pencil

A measuring tape


A paper clip

Metal skewer

Craft glue

Step 1. Set up.

Step 2. Measure your yoghurt container – height and circumference.

2-Photos for Blog four1

Step 3. Pencil these measurements on the yellow paper, rule and cut out.

Step 4. Pencil around the top of the yoghurt tub, cut out.

Step 5. Adult – using a metal skewer pierce one hole through the middle of the top of the yoghurt container. I found the skewer went through easily when I heated the tip over heat.

Step 6. Apply glue all over. Wrap the yellow paper around the yogurt tub. Then place the cut out of the top of the yoghurt tub on the top. Allow to dry.

Step 7.  Cut the felt into a beak shape.

3-Photos for Blog four

Step 8. Glue on beak and googly eyes. Allow to dry.

Step 9. Adult – Using the skewer again push through the top of the yellow paper and into the hole you made previously in step 5.

Step 10. If your cotton string is thick, you may be able to just push the string through, if not you might need a needle to thread it through the hole at the top of the yoghurt tub.

Step 11. Tie the thread that comes through the top to the paper clip.

2-Photos for Blog four1-001

Step 12. Tie the other end to the small piece of sponge, which you have already cut.

Now wet the sponge and run the sponge up and down the top of the string, it should give you mad chicken sound. Want to hear it? Check out the utube video I found.

Enjoy the sweet noises of chicken and have fun!1-Feb 2013 - Granma's birthday

Love Light and Mad Chickens,

Fiona x

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