More yoghurt tub craft…yipppeee!

Mung Bean Mike


Named after his gorgeous hair {see below}

You will need


A yoghurt tub

2 googly eyes

Craft glue

Decoration stickers

Pink Felt

A Pink Texta

Cotton balls


Mung Bean seeds or Alfa seeds {I couldn’t find them in WA : (}

Step 1. Set up.

Step 2. Decorate your yoghurt tub, with eyes, nose, smile and stickers. Allow to dry.

2-Photos for Blog four-001

Step 3. Fill the container halfway with cotton balls.

Step 4. Place the mung beans on top of the cotton balls.

Step 5. Water well. Place on a window sill that gets sun.

Watch Mung Bean Mike’s hair grow and grow! Perhaps you can give your yoghurt tub character a different name and record everyday how long his or her hair has grown. Check below our Mike’s hair growth over the last week!

1-Mung Bean Mike-001

Love, Light and Crazy Stupid hair,

Fiona x