Do you have a fan in your house of the show ‘Peppa Pig’?  We sure do!

If you love ‘Peppa’or just little piggies, you’re going to love this yoghurt container craft.


Piggy Nose


You will need

A yoghurt container

Pink paper

Craft glue

A metal skewer

A black texta

A pencil

A pair of tough scissors


A ruler

A measuring tape

Step 1. Set up.

Step 2. Measure your yoghurt container. You need the distance around the container and the height.

Step 3. Using the pencil measure this height and width onto the pink paper. Add a cm to the width to allow for overlay. Cut out.

Step 4. Put the top of the yoghurt container onto the pink paper and trace around this will be the nose end. Cut out

3-Week Three Blog 2-002

Step 5. Adult – using a metal skewer pierce two holes on either side through the lip of the yoghurt container. I found the skewer went through easily when I heated the tip over heat. After you have done that, also cut the top and bottom lip off the yoghurt container. This makes it easier for your Peppa or George to see : ).

Step 6. On the cut out nose end, use the lead pencil to draw two holes. Colour in with the black texta.

5-Week Three Blog 2-001

Step 7. Apply glue to the sides and top of the container. Now wrap the pink paper cut out around the sides of the container and then place the cut out stout on the top of the container {see above}.

4-Week Three Blog 2-003

Step 8.  While drying use the tape to measure your child’s head from cheek to cheek, add on a few cms for the knot. Cut elastic to that length. Knot onto the yoghurt container.

You now have a nose mask for your little Peppa or George! Oink Oink!


Check back on Tuesday for another yoghurt container craft,

Love, Light and Oink!

Mummy Pig x